We are the CPS – Crop Protection Solutions company, one of the world’s leading bale net wrap producers, experts in the field of crop packaging, focused on product quality. We offer flexible customer service to our clients, adjustable to situations and customer needs.


15 years of experience in agriculture

Our experience helped us to develop a range of products which we are really proud of. We have already many satisfied clients from all 5 continents who trust our products and our vision of better net baling. We are selling 550 containers per season that is equal to around 1 200 000 000 meters produced.


20%-30% growth per year in last 5 years

The CPS is one of the fastest growing company in bale net wrap industry – growth level of 20-30% per year continuously through the last 5 years. As we are currently building our new facilities, we grow not only in size of the workspace but also in the work force as our distribution network is very fast expanding in the whole world. Our New factory facility – planned to be finished in Q3 2021 will give us the possibility to increase our production capacity by 30%.



Our mission is to grow together.

We want to give you strength and confidence in our products and we want to see you grow because when you grow, we grow with you. We are here to help and to support.

As the company of fast changing world, we are open for new ideas, new people and new technologies. Our mission is to make agriculture and farming better and more efficient.


Since the beginning of this year we’ve produced already :



CPS ikona



CPS ikona



CPS ikona


We deliver only freshly made products – cooperating with the CPS you can be sure we will not ship old stock or long stocked products – this guarantees to the customer no changes in the product’s physical and mechanical properties.

We ship worldwide and accept most INCOTERMS in international trade – we are flexible when it comes to delivery methods & terms. Contact us if you want to learn more.