CPS quality

The CPS products are developed with passion.

We care for our customers and their needs. We know the best that it is not only about the bale net. As producer of bale net wrap, we are taking part in the very important process of global forage production.

Our standards:

  • Well Trained Employees.
  • Machinery maintenance – Regular servicing of equipment & routine checks.
  • The highest quality control – 25% of our products being physically tested
  • Marking every roll with Unique ID code.
  • Working on the sustainability of the process – reducing the amount of wastes.
  • Over 12% of all employees involve in quality control.
  • Using TOP quality Universal Testing Machines working 16 hours per day.
  • 116 special knitting machines.
  • Each roll has soft handles – for easier and safer handling. Handles on each roll helps operators with the daily routine of the loading net into the baler.

We developed the whole range of products, high quality bale wraps, which will satisfy even the most demanding clients. You can choose from 5 different options of bale net and 2 different types of pallet net – Standard and Elastic. All of our products are carefully developed based on our experience and knowledge. Our company works with exceptionally high-quality machines.

We are proud of our high-quality standards with 25% of our products being tested personally by experienced quality control supervisor. This is very rarely seen in the bale net wrap industry. We are possibly the only company keeping personal checks as a standard production control element

There are also some elements of the products which we consider as elementary when it comes to bale net, like

  • Every roll has a unique ID code
  • 50 m indicator of the end of the roll
  • Warranty of length of each roll
  • UV stabilization.
  • Choice between over the edge and full cover technology

Using good quality bale net wrap will give you better quality of silage forage – not only it helps to keep the proper shape of the bale but also reduces material losses and eases the process of silage and simply prevents the bale from the rain.