Standard Pallet net wrap

Our Standard Pallet net wrap is a cost-effective solution to form stable and unitized pallets. This product is designed as a better alternative to stretch film gripping every curve and covering every gap when wrapping irregularly shaped or incomplete loads. Also, CPS Standard Pallet net wrap may reduce packaging cost because it uses fewer wraps per pallet and delivers stronger pallet stabilization, load conformity, and breathability which guarantee that shipped goods stay fresh longer.

  • Made for automatic and manual use
  • Enables heating, freezing, cooling, and drying of goods on pallet also reduces spoilage due to condensation.
  • It can be used across the various sectors as food industry, construction, chemical industry, etc. 
  • Width: 30cm, 50cm(20inches), 76cm(30inches)
  • Weight: 3.4g-3.6g/m for 50cm
  • Diameter of inner tube: 3 inches (76 cm) or 2 inches (50 cm)
  • Manual use: on rolls with 500m -1000m
  • Automatic use: on rolls with 3000m – 4000m